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Custom software solutions

Custom IT solutions tailored to your business needs and industry requirements, leveraging ready-to-use modules and proven approaches


How we address your business needs

Bespoke Solution for Your specific Business Needs

Make sure you get a robust, flexible solution that truly matches your business goals and is featured with a reasonable amount of functionality.

Deep Domain Knowledge for Advanced Product Development

We develop solutions that not only solve your business needs best but also comply with regulations & standards, applicable to your business domain.

Safeguarding Cost Effectiveness & Short Time-to-market

Efficient processes, deep tech expertise, a wide range of ready-made components & partner products allow us to implement the best-fit solutions fast.

Future-proof Solutions Perfectly Fitting your Ecosystem

We aim to ensure smooth integration & synergy between the solution and your ecosystem along with keeping the focus on solving your business problem.

We are already delivering custom software solution services to:

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IATA logo

Aviation expertise & superb delivery yielding at a lifelike training solution

Created a novel training environment for dangerous goods handling certification

Scalable data system
Aol logo

Intelligent Ad solution processing 26TB+ of data a day & 2.5M+ events a second

High-load, accurate, and scalable data system by our dedicated Big Data experts

UX/UI on smart phone screen
DanAds logo

Turning a self-service Advertising platform into a market leading solution

Custom product development, support & rollouts to clients for AdTech startup

City background
Telematics logo

Fully-fledged smart city Web platform & commissioning app delivered in 9 months

Turnkey solution development for an IoT system operating 61K lanterns at once

User network background
Mindvalley logo

Launched a social network app securing communication for 12M+ users' community

Went from an idea to the 1st version covering major use-cases in only 3 months

AR Game BlackSnow character
BlackSnow logo

Our AR/VR Lab delivered an open-world game, successfully launched in 18 countries

Organically mixed physical & virtual realities ensure superior AR experience

Digital devices
Zapp360 logo

Helping Zapp360 go from an idea to a revenue-generating Ad platform in 6 months

The product serves 5M impressions daily & powered 5B local ads since its launch

Automotive spare parts
Volvo Penta logo

Our e-com experts delivered an online spare parts shop now used in 34 countries

Full range of services from architecture design to ongoing support & maintenance

Cybersecurity background logo

Digital security product protecting 7M sites & apps from malicious advertisements

Trusted by 60+ customers worldwide, it processes 60K+ ads per second non-stop

Aircraft wing
SAS logo

Developed a modern platform that helped the Client to halve IT costs in 3 years

The new platform is seamlessly integrated into SAS budgeting ecosystem

Custom Software Solutions Developer
Delivering Solutions to
Fortune  500

Brands & Businesses

30 +  Products

To Solve a Wide Range of Business Needs

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Our RTP Philosophy in IT Solution Development


  • Focus on helping you achieve your business goals - both current and long-term
  • Battle-tested processes ensuring uninterrupted service & robust quality control
  • Rigid quality control with a range of KPIs to track delivery quality and efficiency


  • Regular status updates & reporting at different management levels
  • Clear, predictable, and consistent billing with full expenditure reports
  • PM tools of your choice (Jira, Confluence, Azure DevOps) & clear project flow tracking


  • Tailor-made solutions & focus on delivering value, not just performing the tasks
  • Finding new ideas & the most effective solutions for your individual case
  • Continuous optimization and enhancement of service delivery & performance
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