Adtech Software and Solutions Development

Sigma Software has been involved in the AdTech industry for over 12 years. During this time the team has built software solutions spanning across the AdTech ecosystem; partnering with publishers, advertisers, intermediary platforms, and service providers. This wide range of experience has resulted in a deep understanding of the ecosystem, industry standards, and best practices.

Our AdTech unit has already dedicated over 400K hours to creating solutions that automate nearly every aspect of the Advertiser lifecycle. This experience has put the team in a position to navigate through this complex industry, staying on top of industry trends and new technologies. We offer both Product Development and Dedicated Teams Establishment services. We have experience in building platforms for AdTech market leaders, as well as experience in building products for start-ups that have had multimillion exists to AdTech market leaders.

Use Existing Innovative Products

Rely on proven, cutting-edge AdTech products we develop with our Partners to automate various areas of your business. We also offer a balanced combination of products with custom software development to create a tailored solution to best fit your business needs and drive your business strategy.

Self-service Advertisement Platform for DANADS

DanAds offers a completely customizable self-service platform for global publishers and brands, allowing automation of ad sales and ad management.

Used by Hearst, SoundCloud, Shazam, eBay, Bloomberg Media, TripAdvisor, Klarna, TrueCaller, Freestar, and Philips.

Clean. io as ad security & malvertising protection

Ground-breaking Cybersecurity Solution for CLEAN.IO

Automated anti-malvertising solution solving the revenue impacts and negative consumer experience issues that publishers face as a result of malicious advertisements and redirects.

The solution is now used by Xandr, The Boston Globe, Whisper, PubPlus, Imgur and

Innovative Mobile Advertisement Platform for ZAPP

Comprehensive white label mobile ads platform simplifying mobile ads creation, execution, and measurement.

The platform offers rich and intuitive toolkit empowering both professionals and first-timers to issue an ad in seconds anywhere in the world.

Konduit as a product for advertising optimization

Video Advertisement Optimization for KONDUIT

The product helps publishers, networks, and exchanges to make more money starting more video ads and doing this faster.

By simplifying and accelerating the digital video advertising process across desktop, mobile, and OTT devices, it makes digital video more valuable.

Get Your Custom AdTech Solutions Delivered

We design, develop, integrate, and maintain custom solutions tailored to our customers’ business needs. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creative Management Tools offering fast production, validation, optimization, and smart upload
  • Video Advertising Platforms offering the ability to manage and optimize campaigns
  • Self-Service Platforms providing the ability to create and manage campaigns
  • Development of smart targeting mechanisms including Geo, time, audiences, smart campaign segmentation, and even AI mechanisms to suggest best parameters for advanced campaign targeting
  • Data Management Platforms development and integration, including data visualization tools
  • Integration with multiple DSPs for campaign distribution
  • Cross-platform targeting solutions reaching mobile, desktop, web, TV, and custom devices
  • Direct integrations with Ads Servers
  • Campaign tracking and monitoring tools including real-time performance monitoring
  • Automation of AdOps processes to scale capacity of campaign trafficking within AdOps teams
  • Advance campaign reporting solutions and dashboards
  • Aggregation of campaign statistics from various sources; ads distribution heatmaps and rich data visualization
  • Marketplaces optimizing campaign management for media buyers
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