Artificial Intelligence

From a self-driven car to an AI-driven chatbot that helps you with your banking operations, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) enter more and more areas and increasingly affect our lives. The reason is multiple business benefits that include faster turnaround, automation of time-consuming tasks, more time for staff to do creative tasks, better planning, and, correspondingly, cost cuts and happier customers

Automate Support

In many businesses, the biggest cost item is labour cost. To be profitable, a business needs to make good use of the working time of the staff it pays for. So, actions that take a lot of time for the personnel and do not require creative thinking, can and must be automated. For example, help desks and support services respond to same questions and requests every day. However, a simple command-driven chatbot or an intelligent NLP-powered chatbot is more accurate and fast in providing the first line of support or communication. An intelligent information search empowered with text analysis and Natural Language Processing helps with entries extraction, information search, and analysis. Such ML solutions can save your staff time spent on repetitive and tedious tasks. It means less routine work for your staff and less waiting time for your customers.

Key Areas:

  • Data Analysis
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Entertainment

Get Valuable Predictions

With data oceans in hand, you can analyze how your business performs and get valuable predictions. Artificial intelligence finds explicit and hidden dependencies for various events, efficiently analyzes tones of data, provides information about decision options and their consequences, forecasts demand, predicts clients’ churn, and much more.

ML Services:

  • Exploratory Analysis
  • Formal Modelling & Interpretation
  • Integration & Validation
  • Maintenance

Understand Your Customers

It’s time to turn all information you have about your customers into something useful. With machine learning solutions, you can introduce customer segmentation or clustering with unlimited detailing and based on as many parameters as you need. On top, data mining can yield patterns and trends lurking in your information. When you know who your customers are and what is going on, your business is one step ahead of the competitors.

Make Valuable Recommendations

Recommender systems increase efficiency and persuasiveness at a quick rate. Valuable recommendations promote sales and help reach potential customers for many businesses. A new aspect to such systems is collaborative filtering where recommendations are based on ratings from similar users. Collaborative filtering technique improves the accuracy of recommendations and can be further refined with heuristic recommendations for “cold-starts.”

Efficiently Target Your Ads

Political scandals related to Brexit and Trump election in the USA show the power of targeted advertising and campaigning. Machine learning and predictive analytics provide the most granular analysis of the audience. Predictive models can indicate person’s interests and affiliations, location, and prosperity level. With all this data, you can better personalize offerings, create different ads for different audience segments, and deliver your messages in a more intelligent way.

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