BI and Big Data

Datasets generated by every digital process are too big and too fast to be processed using conventional methods. Big data solutions make use of increased processing capacities and memory volumes now available to realize value from internal and external data of a company.


Reveal the Value of Your Data

Big data provides you with predictions and insights generated in a fraction of a second. Sigma Software has professionals experienced in collecting, structuring, storing, and processing large volumes of data from various sources. What is more important, our experts convert data flows into information and reports useful for you.

Ride the Crest of Big Data Innovations

Sigma Software keeps up with innovations and changing trends born by big data. Data streaming, streaming analytics, embedding big data into applications can enrich your business opportunities and take your to the next level. We have knowledge and experience to make it work.
  • Spark
  • Kafka
  • Hadoop/Hive/Presto
  • Memsql/Vertica
  • HBase/Cassandra/Couchbase
  • AWS/Azure

Harness the Power of Big Data and Business Intelligence

Big Data comes with incredible memory volumes and speeds revealing the power that can serve your needs, for example, to implement industrial monitoring and optimization, forecast sales and financial KPIs as well as costs, pricing and financial indexes. To make it possible, we build analysis and forecasting models, support customers in creating big data infrastructure and running big data analysis with the help of cutting-edge technologies and tools.
  • 2 to 5 petabytes
  • 2.5 million events per second
  • 100 billion events per day
  • 100 billion models a day
  • > 100 providers with various data types and formats

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