Collection Solutions

Financial institutions, retail chains, utility companies, distributors, and other organizations dealing with payments, strive to make collections more efficient, decrease collections costs and risks.


Get Insight into Your Collection Procedures

Sigma Software experts can analyze collection procedures in service in your company and discover inefficiencies and bottlenecks that affect the overall performance. Based on the analysis, Sigma experts will help you get a deep insight across collections operations, automation opportunities, and portfolio performance.

Have a Solution That Suits Your Needs

Sigma Software develops scalable and easily customizable solutions specifically tailored for your business needs and processes. With our solutions, you get clear collection procedures and flexibility due to functionality for design, implementation, and monitoring of customizable treatment strategies.
  • Automated processes
  • Facilitated portfolio management
  • Enhanced risk mitigation
  • Adjustment to market-specifics

Streamline Collections Automation

Sigma Software distributes and implements an end-to-end debt collection and recovery product, Qualco, to manage the entire debt cycle. We tune Qualco product to the specifics of your company to streamline and automate all debt recovery processes across different lending products, dynamically risk-rate, classify and segment accounts, and implement targeted collection strategies.

By the way:
Sigma Software is a business partner of Qualco company and a sales representative of its product Qualco Collections. Qualco Collections is an end-to-end debt collection software that allows to automate the debt management and recovery processes at all stages (pre-collection, soft, hard and legal collection) across multiple treatment channels (in-house or outsourced, legal offices, DCAs etc.)

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