Gaming Solutions

Game development combines many talents and involves many technologies. Fusion of technology, artistry, and creative ideas gives rise to engaging, graphical, and powerful games. Sigma Software has a large team of experts to cover all facets of creating advanced desktop and mobile gaming solutions.

Know Your Game and Your Gamers

Efficient targeting and development is only possible when you have sufficient data on your current standing. Sigma Software is an expert in developing statistical and reporting functions and modules for our clients. Integration of comprehensive Business Intelligence and reporting features into your gaming solution will provide you with all you need to analyze and improve your business strategies and achieve better performance.

Statistics & Reporting on

  • Visits
  • Downloads
  • Usage
  • Visitor origin
  • References

Control the Backstage

Gaming just like any other business activity requires close control and management. Sigma Software has substantial experience in developing, integrating, and supporting various back office solutions for gaming operators. We were involved in developing and supporting of gaming management, integration, and operations control by integrating data obtained from various gaming systems into one system.

  • Manage games data and player’s bonuses
  • Control affiliate network
  • Calculate commission
  • Evaluate efficiency

Harness the Gaming Power

You can engage and motivate your customers or users by providing them with an entertaining experience in their routine operations or tasks. Whether your purpose is to educate, sell, or bring people together, the game is the best way to grip the attention of your audience and receive the desired response. Sigma Software creates gaming experience varying from 3D games to animated elements and characters integrated into your environment.

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