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Internet access through mobile devices has brought the number of Internet users to new levels. Features and sensors offered by smartphones and not present in a PC or laptop create new opportunities. This makes mobile development an independent area with unique capabilities and interaction methods.


Access Users On-the-Go

The world is moving faster, and you do not have a privilege of accessing a user via an application or browser while he is at his desktop. Now, the best way to reach and interact with a client or contractor is using mobile applications. Sigma Software with help you to include mobile devices into your business strategy.
  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry
  • PalmOS, J2ME, Symbian
  • Xamarin
  • React Native

Ensure Usability across All Interaction Methods

Mobiles and wearables introduce alternative interaction methods, such as touch, voice, mimics, and gesture. At Sigma, we know that usability is even more important in case of limited spaces of mobile and wearable devices. This is the reason why put usability first across all interaction methods in mobile development.

Incorporate New Technology in Your Business

Sigma Software extensive expertise and solid knowledgebase enables us to master new technologies rapidly. Virtual reality, new form factors, gesture and voice controls, everything you want to include into your mobile app we can implement.
  • Sensor integration
  • Gesture recognition
  • AR/VR or wearables
  • OTT apps and platforms

Cover Different Mobile Platforms with Minimum Cost and Effort

Our expertise includes cross-platform development with React Native. With this technology, we can build your mobile application to hit all commonly used mobile platforms in a short time and with beauty of native controls. Bringing together the benefits of native and hybrid development, cross-platform development with React Native introduces additional flexibility that makes it possible to support all your ideas.

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