For students

You have chosen one of the most promising and fastest growing industries in Ukraine, and certainly, already you are thinking about how to take your first steps.

Sigma Software focuses greatly on junior specialists' training. We cooperate with leading Ukrainian universities and are actively involved in students' practical skills development. We offer IT students and graduates several programs for starting their career.


Summer Internship

An internship with the Sigma Software team will help you to understand what is means to be a part of an international company: to take responsibility, to keep deadlines for each task, to suggest ideas and see their realization.

  • For students in their 2nd to 4th years at university.
  • Duration: according to the specific internship plan.
  • How to get to internship group?
    • Apply for an internship at Sigma Software with your supervisor at the university.
    • Pass pre-testing. The test suite contains tasks examining knowledge of basic development languages (C# or Java) and database access tools.

Training and subsequent employment

For those students who want a full-time job at the company and acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge, but who have no work experience.

Training programs in the following areas: .NET, Java, Flash, QA, iOS.

Training format:

  • .NET trainings are held in groups of up to 5 people. Students work on a training project under tutors' supervision.
  • Training on Java, Flash / ActionScript, iOS and QA is conducted in the form of individual work on a real project under tutors' supervision.

Training duration:

  • The duration of .NET training is about 5 weeks, part-time at the Sigma Software office.
  • The duration of trainings on Java, Flash / ActionScript, QA is up to 3 months, full-time at the company's office.

How to become part of a training group?

  • Submit a resume for one of the positions available at Sigma Software, a list of which you may find in the Vacancies section. Candidates must have the necessary theoretical knowledge base listed in the job requirements.
  • Pass an interview at Sigma Software.