AdTech team at Sigma Software is looking for a Middle/Senior JavaScript Developer to cover one of the most interesting roles in a project for developing an advertisement platform.

We are looking for a Senior Big Data Engineer to team up with Sigma Software and apply the best engineering practices in daily work. We expect our ideal candidate to be flexible and motivated to work in a fast-paced environment.

We are looking for a motivated and talented Data Science Engineer to work on creating a system for smart suggestions for media content.

Sigma Software is looking for an experienced Front-end Developer, who is ready to participate in a new project.

As a Competence Leader, you will be working with a variety of technological stacks and approaches we utilize in the Company.

Do you know the value of uniqueness in the world of brands and logos? Are you creative enough to build something really exclusive that can identify your work from the work of others? Say “Yes” twice and become a part of our team.

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to work across different projects in Web & Mobile team.

We are looking for a passionate Middle/Senior Node.js Developer who will launch a powerful project!

We are looking for a passionate Go specialist to join our friendly team of professionals.

Let`s build together a new platform, which allows book publishers to reach a number of retailers in order to sell their books.

We invite you to take part in setting up the best development practices at a new project for one of the world’s largest suppliers of trucks, construction equipment, buses, marine, and industrial engines.