Automated quality check of legacy ASP portals by Sigma Software

Sigma Software

At Sigma Software, we focus not only on the product delivery, but also on the ease of its further maintenance. Thus, code quality is a crucial concern for us. However, is there anything that can be done when you need to maintain and enhance a product developed more than a decade ago by a third party? For such a case, Sigma Software specialists came up with an efficient way of improving legacy code quality.

Among other projects, we perform software product maintenance and enhancement for a leading E-government solutions provider in Sweden and Denmark. The product was developed using Microsoft ASP — a technology many would hardly remember nowadays, but that was quite popular back in the day. Apparently, no modern code quality analysis tools offer support for ASP code, so being code quality adepts we had to come up with our own cost-effective approach, which would be enable automatic code quality check for the legacy ASP technology.

In the case of our Customer, the server-side code was written in JScript, an obsolete programming language, which is roughly equivalent to JavaScript. This prompted us that we could utilize the off-the-shelf JSHint tool for analyzing the server-side code. However, the challenge was that the product’s ASP pages were a mixture of HTML, server-side, and client-side code, so no commonly available tool would be able to process such a blend. We obviously needed something that could extract the server-side code and feed it to the analyzer. To make it happen, we developed a wrapper in Node.js that took out all fragments of the server-side code into temporary files, which could then be analyzed by off-the-shelf tools.

“This solution proves that Sigma Software finds efficient and creative approaches even in projects, based on a legacy technology where obvious, low-hanging fruit solutions just might not be available. It also demonstrates our strong attention to applying the best engineering practices, in particular when it comes to code quality assurance,” says Dmytro Lapshyn, CTO at Sigma Software.

“We approach every project with attention to details, creativity, and technical excellence in mind. This is what distinguishes our company from other IT services providers. Such an attitude helps us build long-standing partner relations with our Customers and encourages them to entrust us with even more complex tasks,” adds Valery Krasovsky, CEO at Sigma Software.

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