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A new software product developed by Eclipse SP, a Microsoft® Empower for ISV member, helps to increase staff productivity.

Eclipse SP, a member of Sigma Group (, is pleased to announce the availability of demo version of Eclipse AccessPoint.

This product enables small and medium sized enterprises to merge geographically or organizationally separate information domains, corporate software applications and workflow solutions into a single point of control for each employee according to a specific role within the organization.

Eclipse AccessPoint encourages employee self-sufficiency and reduces counterproductive time for resolving issues like finding the required information or identifying the location of corporate information systems, thus allowing staff to focus efforts where it matters most.

“A typical example when Eclipse AccessPoint can be practically useful is a case when a new employee starts working in a company” comments Dmitry Gorlov, Eclipse SP Project Manager. “Using Eclipse AccessPoint he or she can promptly solve things like accessing company services, easily find work-relevant information, access various commonly used enterprise applications”.

Being developed using Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse AccessPoint is intended specifically for the organizations that use Microsoft® SharePoint as the documentation storage. Being implemented as a plug-in to Microsoft® SharePoint, Eclipse AccessPoint effectively becomes its integral part, providing a single point of command and control for an employee facilitating day-to-day business tasks.

A commercial release of Eclipse AccessPoint will be available March 9, 2007.

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