Eclipse SP strengthens CORBA competence with a new project for a European IT company

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Having sustained operations in the field of developing and supporting CORBA based products including TAO and JacORB for several European customers, Eclipse SP team has won and successfully delivered another CORBA project.

The customer is a European IT company which specializes in automation systems development. The new outsourcing assignment to Eclipse SP involved updating of automatic tests pool in order to make them able to operate in distributed environment.

The main challenge of the project was the short period of time in which Eclipse SP team have managed to accomplish the project with excellent results. The customer was happy with project delivery made within tough timeframe.

“This has been a successful project with many different challenges, mainly because of the complexity of the technical solution that had to be delivered in short space of time. It always feels particularly satisfying when we are able to deliver the project with such tangible and immediate benefits to a satisfied customer,” says Vladimir Chirva, Eclipse SP Development Director.

Further strengthening Eclipse SP position in middleware solutions, especially in the CORBA area, the assignment represents an important stage in Eclipse SP endeavors to constantly improve its skills and thereby achieve increased customer benefits. This assignment is an important step for widening Eclipse SP offer in the field of middleware CORBA solutions.

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