Sigma Software Webinar #4: Accelerated Change: AdTech

COVID-19 has rocked a lot of industries. It forced them to adjust to the new reality and has tightened belts like never before. However, the crisis offers opportunities for the strongest players to emerge in an even better position, and the AdTech industry is not an exception.

Do you want to learn how the crisis has accelerated much-needed changes in AdTech? Join our free webinar Accelerated Change: AdTech to find out more about the transformation of the industry from COVID-19. The event will be held in a series of webinars by Sigma Software aiming to explore the new reality, inspire businesses to move forward, and present expert views on how to surf the digital wave.

Accelerated changes for AdTech

On June 18, experienced experts will share their thoughts about the future of AdTech on a free webinar by Sigma Software:

  • Johan Liljelund, a CTO and Vice Executive President at DanAds International AB;
  • Sam Jones, a  Founder & CEO at Gener8 Ads;
  • Andreas Schemm, a Co-Founder & CEO at Vreo;
  • William Mercer, a Venture Director at Zag (Moderator).

The event will be compelling for startup founders, CEOs, CTOs, mid-level managers, marketing & brand managers, who are looking for information on the following topics:

  • The new digital world – post-COVID customer behavior;
  • What is the future of marketing and AdTech?
  • How can Internet users benefit from ads?
  • How global brand managers can secure their customers’ loyalty in a time of uncertainty?

The webinar will take place online in the format of a pre-moderated live discussion with a Q&A session.

Register and receive a chance to win a free two-hour session with a Sigma Software’s tech expert! During the session, our IT specialist will assess your software product from a technical perspective and provide valuable tips and insights on how to improve it.

About the speakers:

Sam Jones is a Founder & CEO at Gener8 Ads, the first browser technology that enabled advertisers and media agencies to serve highly targeted GDPR-compliant ads to an engaged audience who would otherwise block them. He established Gener8 to enable individuals to control their data and earn from it. Forbes has described this as “shaking up digital advertising.” Previously, as a global brand manager at Red Bull, Sam created advertising campaigns that trended worldwide and secured Red Bull as the most viewed video brand in the world during his tenure.

Andreas Schemm is a Co-Founder & CEO at Vreo. Andreas has been helping tech startups grow since 2004, taking over leading roles in PR, marketing, and community building. He established LaserTag in the German market with up to 14 subsidiaries. Thanks to his many years of working in executive positions in companies in the high-tech and entertainment scene, Andreas has gathered a substantial amount of experience founding and establishing startups as well as running multiple subsidiaries and overseeing a franchising chain.

Johan Liljelund, a CTO and Vice Executive President at DanAds International AB. Johan Liljelund previously worked as a CEO and partner at Backbone4Media. He has experience in software development (CRM, OMS, Billing, AdTech) since 1997, as well as experience from large system implementations towards the media industry since 2002. Johan is a board member of Swedish Software, a non-profitable organization gathering all software development companies in Sweden.

Moderator: William Mercer is a Venture Director at Zag, the venture arm of the global creative agency BBH, where he manages an early-stage investment fund that has seen an 8x return in its first 3 years. He specializes in combining commercial strategy with narrative-based storytelling to help founders land investment, close their first customers, and create sustainable businesses. In 2018 Will founded Mission Led, a startup ecosystem consultancy that advised USAID on its $50 million entrepreneur strategy project in Ukraine. He also tabled recommendations for a 64K sq km newly built district of Shanghai and supported the UK’s National Advisory Board on Impact Investing to make the UK the global leader in the field. Prior to this, he founded a residential work and event space in a fairy tale chateau in Burgundy.

About the organizers:

Sigma Software is a reliable tech partner that provides top-quality software development, graphic design, testing, and support services. Having advanced skills and ample resources, the company creates large-scale solutions as well as guides startups from idea to profit.

Sigma Software Labs is a new ecosystem for Ukraine-based startups, small product houses, and service companies where they can be sheltered by a leading technology consulting company Sigma Software and obtain support and surpassing benefits to grow at all stages. Sigma Software Labs provides startups with office space, a network of VC funds, and access to Sigma Software board network of business advisors – serial entrepreneurs around the globe. The project’s idea is to help Ukrainian startups show up on the world scene.

Zag is an independent growth consultancy proudly born inside one of the world’s biggest creative agencies, BBH. They build breakthrough businesses, delivering top-line growth for ambitious leaders. Zag helps global corporations future-proof their businesses and startups scale their ventures, through four disciplines: growth strategy, innovation, brand experience, venturing.

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Take a look at our upcoming webinar topics:

July (date to be announced): Cybersecurity in the World Switched Online.

Former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, once said: “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.” These words are especially relevant now that many businesses are going online. Organizations face an ever-increasing number of cyber threats. According to recent statistics, hacking attacks occur every 39 seconds, which is more frequent and advanced than ever before. Yet, over two-thirds of businesses are not ready to respond to a cyber-attack, despite growing investments in cybersecurity. A reasonable question for companies to ask is: what are the most efficient investments we can make to be protected from cyber-attacks?

There are more webinars to come by the end of 2020. Stay tuned!

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