Zapp360: from Idea to Entity

Sigma Software has been a trusted partner for dozens of startups over the years. Combining startup and enterprise capacity, as well as deep relationships with related companies, Sigma Software enables startups to focus on their business and products.

We are pleased to announce that our long-term client, Zapp360, has been acquired by a4 media, the multiscreen advertising division of Altice USA. Zapp’s flagship product, AdMessenger, is set to boost a4’s expansion into the mobile space.

Startup Recipe for Success: Zapp360


Introducing Zapp360

Zapp360 is a technology company that has developed proprietary SaaS solutions for local advertisers and sellers. Zapp360’s AdMessenger is a proven solution for local advertisers to effectively engage with consumers on their mobile devices and drive traffic to their events, stores, and services. The solution was developed in close cooperation with Sigma Software team and delivered its first ad message in October 2013. Since then, it has powered more than five billion local ads worldwide.

Jerome Fitzgibbons, Co-Founder of Zapp360, recalls how the story began: “In early 2013, after presenting our initial concept, we worked together with Sigma Software to build a framework, design wireframes, test the product, and run quality assurance. By the end of that same year, the application went to the market. Today, we are a multimillion dollar business, and Sigma Software was a key player in helping us achieve such rapid growth.”

The year 2018 began a new chapter in the company’s evolution. Zapp360 was acquired by a4 and its parent company, Altice USA, a communications and media brand that enables its customers through the power of connectivity. The acquisition is aimed at further strengthening a4 local mobile advertising capabilities.

A Startup Recipe for Success

Relying on our extensive experience, we at Sigma Software believe that a startup is more likely to gain success if its founders entrust the technical aspects to a dedicated and experienced partner.

Imagine that you have an idea that is going to change the world. Sooner or later, you`re going to face some of these common issues:

  • Scaling up and down
    Scaling is a huge stop factor for startups. At Sigma Software, we have over 950 engineers under one roof that can join your project at any stage, helping to cut the costs.
  • Varied expertise
    Startups need a versatile team to manage their many protocols, requirements, and market changes. Sigma Software is comprised of experienced personnel ranging from strategists and developers, to project managers, test engineers, and designers. In other words, Sigma Software has the 360 stop for all of your startup needs.
  • Management overhead
    Managing teams, sometimes over different time zones, can be a difficult task. At Sigma Software, we have a strong management experience and can do the task for you.
  • Finding a CTO
    Finding a good CTO can become a serious challenge; it may take a lot of time, and may also be difficult to find a qualified candidate with the breadth of knowledge and experience to meet a startup’s requirements. At Sigma Software, we are experienced to take on that role.
Software Engineering
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“We have a long track record of working with startups in different sectors and at various stages,” says Alexey Stoletny, Managing Director at Sigma Software Inc., USA.

“We are proud to see the projects flourish with our involvement, gain traction and recognition. Among such startups are a self-service advertising platform DanAds, which now cooperates with Shazam, Bloomberg, eBay, and other known international brands. The other bright example is a cross-screen video management and exchange technology platform Vidible, which was acquired by an American media giant Oath (ex. Aol). We are also pleased to remain their reliable partner even after they have reached the top. Zapp360 is a great example of the combination of a groundbreaking idea and a smart approach to its realization. The Sigma Software team is delighted to be a part of it, and we are glad to continue our work with them.”

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