Decision Support Solutions for SAS

Airline Decision Support Solution

Replacement of old Decision Support solutions with a lean and cost-efficient system. The system consists of a core platform responsible for daily calculations of actual direct costs, and three modules to it that cover fuel management, activity-based calculations, and invoicing processes. The system increased the efficiency of Customer’s IT environment and significantly reduced maintenance costs.


In 2013, Sigma delivered a new Charges System to Scandinavian Airlines. The system provides daily calculations of costs based on actual routes delivered by SAS flight planning system. It is also possible to calculate multiple prognosis instances for a single year. Later three additional modules were developed from scratch by Sigma Software:

  • The Cost Tracking module helps keep track of fuel consumption and costs for jet fuel to make the right decisions about fuel vendors, prices, and fuel budget planning.
  • The Budgeting module calculates budget, actual costs based on a price list, and a set of initial metrics.
  • The Invoicing module is responsible for invoice control, which embraces automated electronic and paper invoice import, matching invoices with costs calculated within the Charges System, and displaying results in a form of reports to the end user.


All projects were delivered precisely to the schedule agreed with the Customer and even managed to be done under budget. Sigma has now taken over support and maintenance. In addition, five other SAS systems were handed over to Sigma for support, management, and operation organization.