Rethinking travel booking in terms of cross-device behaviour

Sigma Software took part in a challenge

to create a clear and intuitive booking experience

How we work

To ensure throughout consideration and in-depth elaboration of the design project, we apply a proven 4 stage approach.

  • Research & Exploration Analyzing interfaces for similar services to detect gaps.
  • design brainstorming Devising possible solutions and design concepts.
  • wireframing Developing user experience in low-fidelity mockups.
  • mockuping Detailed cross-device user interface interactions.


We analyzed the most popular
travel booking websites...

...and found out

What can be improved

Clean and Simple Flight Search
Visual and Plain Flights Comparison
Effortless Payments

Design Brainstorming

We analyzed typical user flows and identified redundant operations and UI elements. Usual travel booking patterns were shaken up to create seamless user experience.


Our UX designers depicted the screens and structure of the new system in a set of page layouts presenting all UI elements.

Intuitive flight Search

Clean and simple flight search screen presents no distractions and complications to the user.

Plain Flights Comparing

Flight options are clearly distinguished by date, class, and cost to facilitate comparing and decision making.

Informed seat selection

All specifics of a location and surroundings are depicted using intuitive visual aids to help users in their seat selection.


Users can see additional services at a glance and easily order the services they need.

Ticket info

All important information about tickets is presented in a structured and easily recognizable way.

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Cross-device implementation

According to application development guidelines and best practices, the interface is designed so that it can adapt to all types of screen resolutions ensuring smooth booking process across different devices and platforms.

Book On the Fly

Seamless and efficient UI and user flows of the developed solution meet the aim to create an easy-to-use booking experience across various devices. We tried our hand on a real life project and gained knowledge in the domain area.

1 Prototype
3 Design Concepts
25 Wireframes
144 Design Mockups