Augmented and Virtual Reality

Broad interest in applications of augmented, mixed, and virtual reality induces development efforts in this area in many companies. Virtual travel, home design, learning, guidance, and entertainment are some of the most promising points for AR/VR technology.


Make Guidance Simple

Extend knowledge and expertise as far as you need with simple and visual guidance prompts. Your customers can perform installation using real-time visual instructions. Yardmen can get information on location of specific items in a warehouse. Any technician can diagnose and fix a machinery problem with the competence of an expert.
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Field Services
  • Emergency Guidance
  • Visual Navigation

Introduce New Methods in Learning

AR/VR technology is changing the way we learn in education methods, approaches, and surroundings. Visual presentation and interaction with the objects being studied facilitates learning and engages trainees and students. To ensure even more involvement, learning can be transformed in gamified experience.
  • Workplace Training
  • Hybrid Learning Spaces
  • Gamification
  • Simulations and 360 View

Find Resources and Real-Life Experience

Sigma Software has established an R&D center to accumulate knowledge, facilities, and device stock for AR/VR development. The R&D center has produced several AR/VR apps to assist in interior design, shopping, provide guidance prompts. The apps were developed and tested at various AR/VR devices to ensure real-life experience with augmented reality and specifics of AR/VR apps development.

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