StandardLink is middleware with an SDK and a collection of tools for rapid prototyping, easy implementation, configuration, testing, and maintenance of portable distributed real-time-capable systems.

Target systems and tasks

  • Distributed real-time-capable high-availability industrial process control systems, PLC and SCADA components, including distributed process control systems with embedded components;
  • Control infrastructure for training simulators with multiple dynamic models (also with Matlab / Simulink-generated models), visualization and sound applications, instructor-operator stations, and HW units;
  • Providing existing applications with remote access and distributed computing capability, including manually programmed and automatically generated business logic code in C/C++ and .NET;
  • Development and integration of applications in a single distributed system, using different programming languages (C/C++ and .NET) and different operating systems (Linux, QNX, Windows);
  • Development and exploitation of various specific distributed client-server systems with a common hierarchical (object-oriented) database, remotely shared object data, and real time capability, including multi-server systems.

Mission objective

Reduce effort and technological risks of prototyping, implementation and exploitation of complex high-performance distributed computing systems.

Mission strategy

  • Hide from SW developer issues of distributed computing and remote database management; create the illusion of working with a single multi-threaded application;
  • Allow the developer to concentrate on customer-specific problems and provide him or her with the freedom to employ (object-oriented) business logic modeling independent of the distributed character of the system;
  • Reduce or remove blocking dependency between development teams of different customer-specific components in distributed systems;
  • Provide efficient tools for early and partial integration, diagnostics, and error localization, including offsite.



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