• 100+ highly qualified .NET professionals
  • 16 Microsoft Certified specialists
  • 10+ years of expertise in delivering solutions based on Microsoft technologies
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2007
  • References available upon request

Our Microsoft .NET competence covers a wide range of solution types developed for various customers from Europe and the US, including:

  • Enterprise content management software and document management systems
  • Web portals from corporate intranet portals to complex social networking portals, including advanced features such as video streaming support
  • Corporate workflow management systems
  • OSS / BSS with complex report generation features streamlining conventional decision-making
  • SCADA solutions

The Sigma Software team has accomplished a substantial number of projects for our customers in a wide range of industries including IT and Internet, Healthcare, Consulting, Finance, Tourism and Manufacturing.

IDE and Development Tools Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, JetBrains ReSharper, Red Gate ANTS Profiler
Programming languages C#, HTML5
Libraries and Frameworks ASP.NET, ASP.NET Atlas, Silverlight, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft Enterprise Library, JavaScript, jQuery
Databases Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle, T-SQL, PL-SQL
BI-Tools Microsoft SQL Server Integration, Analysis and Reporting Services
Solutions and Application Platforms Windows 8 OS, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft Commerce Server 10.1 AWS, EPiServer CMS, Sitecore CMS, Umbraco CMS


Selected Projects

Vehicle Parts Order Service
Customer: Prominent international automotive brand
Industry: Automotive, Machinery
Solution Type: Web Portal and Line-Of-Business applications (MS Commerce Server-based system)
Technologies: .NET, MS Commerce Server 10.1 AWS, MS SQL Server, MS Visual Studio

The initial goal of the project was to create an online tool for customer`s service centers all over the world to be able to order spare parts for their clients. The solution developed has proven to be of so much value that it was first decided to enrich it with B2C features and then implement it at other companies of the group gradually transforming it into fully-fledged E-commerce platform.

What we've done:

  • Full development lifecycle support including requirements specification, architecture design, development and testing, deployment, and documentation development
  • 3rd line support, corrective / preventive / adaptive maintenance, and configuration management
  • Onsite and offsite user training

The platform developed allows building of comprehensive market-centric electronic parts catalogues and their integration with customers’ networks and various internal and external systems. The solution is based on MS Commerce Server 10.1 AWS and offers rich functionality, including:

  • Flexible web-catalogues where dealers and end users can find and order parts. The catalogues have market specific information for each part, which means that the interface and part description language, prices and currencies shown to each customer depend on the market
  • Discount calculation depending on the products in the basket, special offers available, customer`s track record, market, etc.
  • Shipment cost calculations depending on the weight and customer’s location
  • Converting the order into a special format and transferring it to the corresponding dealer or manufacturer
  • Additional functionality for dealers enabling them to sell their own accompanying products in the E-shop
  • Integration with manufacturer`s corporate systems
Platina Technical Review
Customer: Formpipe Software AB
Industry: IT, Document management
Solution Type: Technical review
Technologies: .NET

Formpipe Software AB has expanded operations with its long-standing partner Sigma to include a new project to be carried out by Sigma Software. Sigma Software and Formpipe Software laid the foundation for collaboration in 2008 with a small QA project, which was considered as a pilot for proving the value of Sigma Software services. Being very pleased with the quality of work and the level of the services provided, Formpipe Software decided to outsource further projects to the Sigma Software team.

As a result, the Sigma Software team was assigned to deliver a technical review of one of the Formpipe Software products, the Enterprise Content Management platform Platina. Having been involved in Platina ECM implementation and sales activities, Sigma Software has put this experience to a good use in this new project, which is aimed at assessing the product’s state, architecture and quality characteristics.

Platina is a process-controlled ECM product based on Microsoft .NET. The system is used in many business areas to improve efficiency and ensure quality assurance of information management in modern organizations. It helps to structure, consolidate and improve the efficiency of the business processes of both public and private sector companies.

Platina Technical Review is an analysis project, in which it is necessary to create architectural documentation and reports describing the Platina product. It includes activities connected with a comprehensive Platina architecture analysis, documenting, product quality evaluation and formulation of suggestions regarding system quality improvements.

The technical review covers the following aspects:

  • System architecture and system components analysis and review
  • System architecture specification development
  • System reliability and quality review
  • Load and stress testing, performance review
  • Performance testing in a Citrix environment
  • Development of common improvements and reporting

The Platina Technical Review was successfully accomplished. After that, because of the excellent results of the project Formpipe Software decided to involve the Sigma Software team in further product development.

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Enhanced Patient Recruitment System
Customer: Well-known international pharmaceutical company
Industry: Healthcare
Solution Type: Web portal
Technologies: .NET, Web Services, AJAX, MS SQL Server 2005


Having produced two successful solutions for this well-known pharmaceutical company, which were delivered in cooperation with Sigma Solutions, Sigma Software was requested to develop an Enhanced Patient Recruitment System (EPR).

The EPR system is intended for centralized patient database management and analysis in order to define patients suitable and available for clinical studies for the customer's research. The goal of the project was to systemize and enhance the process of COPD patients' information gathering and recruiting for RITA studies (mostly PoC / PoP). This brings significant business benefits since the customer is able to speed up clinical studies and operate more efficiently on the market. The system is a centrally hosted web application serving several clinics in Europe and providing analysis interfaces for the customer's personnel.


Since the application is developed for clinical personnel, the greatest challenge was to create user interfaces fulfilling the highest requirements for usability. In order to ensure that all expectations of end users are met, the project was performed using several steps of daily clinic processes analysis, prototyping (visual prototypes, clickable prototype), and meetings with clinic personnel onsite.

The project was developed offsite in 9 months, with short term visits of Sigma Software specialists, while maintaining a high level of internal and external security to meet the strict requirements of the customer.

System Description

The EPR is a secured web application operating via HTTPS protocol and accessible using one-time-password technologies. The system works as a web application accessed through IE browsers and developed as 3-tier architecture with presentation, business logic and data layers. The EPR is a clinic context-based system, so every clinic (entry point) is securely isolated from other clinics` data structures and data storage.

The system is built so that all user operations are tracked and logged and any change in the system is stored in the history so that any previous system state can be restored on demand.

System administrators (system-wide and clinic-wide) are able to configure the data structure for the patient database by adding new attributes with various data types, introducing business rules and relations between particular fields in a patient questionnaire. Thanks to high performance real time data synchronization mechanisms (SQL Server-based), the customer has up-to-date patient data collected from their clinics all over the world. The system also replaces analysis tools, helping the customer and clinic personnel to perform fast data searches and identify patients suitable for clinical studies.


Today the system is used by several clinics in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands. The Sigma Software team has finished the data import processes needed to put previously collected patient data into the system ready for the customer to start working with old and new patient databases using the new Enhanced Patient Recruitment System.

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Dedicated Development Team for Oggifinogi Inc.
Customer: Oggifinogi Inc. (now Collective,
Industry: Advertising, Internet
Solution Type: Advertising platform
Technologies: Java, .NET, Flash, C#, XML, MS SQL, MongoDB (NoSQL solution), HTML5, iOS, Git & Github and other.

Oggifinogi is an advertising technology platform that consists of a highly scalable platform for constructing, serving, monitoring and analyzing ads. It manages billions of ad impressions for thousands of clients. 


To establish a dedicated development center to support the customer’s own product.


Oggifinogi was a venture-backed startup. From the very beginning the team had to quickly develop a whole media ad platform, working under extremely high pressure, and integrating with various technologies and platforms.

Project description

Develop an ad player that is easy to integrate into websites with various technologies and platforms. Then — create the whole media platform to facilitate advertisement content management and distribution over a wide range of partnering websites, with a tracker of ad campaigns` efficiency. A dedicated Sigma Software team is continuously developing and supporting the product using Java, .NET, Flash, C#, XML, MS SQL, MongoDB (NoSQL solution).

The team has developed a real time reporting system and automated testing systems for the customer’s report-generating web solution and the customer’s frameworks (based on HTML and Flash). We started using HTML5 to enable the solution to support iOS, and used a Git version control system with Github hosting.


The platform is live and serves billions of impressions every year.

"Working with Sigma Software we made fantastic progress on our development. I've worked with many different outsourcing companies throughout my career, and have found that Sigma Software stands out as an excellent technology partner. The staff is sharp, dedicated, and treats projects with ownership. When a deadline looms or an operational problem occurs, you can rely on the team to be there. I've worked with them over the last several years and have had nothing but good experiences," said Michael Hyman, CEO and co-founder of Oggifinogi Inc.

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Data Integration Tools for a Leading Online Gaming Operator in German Speaking Countries
Industry: Online gaming
Solution type: Integration Tools
Technologies: .NET, С#, MySQL, Web Services

The customer, who is one of the leading online gaming operators, works in close collaboration with a professional poker school which provides poker training and loans to people starting careers as a poker players. The poker school trains players and finances the start of their careers in one of the world`s leading poker networks. It is essential for the poker school to monitor their players’ progress while they are playing in the poker network.

The customer turned to Sigma Software and our team came up with a set of data integration tools which allowed the extraction of required data from the poker network database through Web Services and transferring it to the poker school database. This in turn allows them to monitor players' progress. The tools are flexible, highly customizable and can be configured in accordance with the poker school`s database structure. The solution delivered works in fully-automated, 24/7 mode and has shown stable and robust performance.

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DocFactory Web Consumer
Customer: Sigma Kudos (now Sigma Technology)
Industry: IT, Document management
Solution Type: Web WCF application for wiki-style documentation viewing
Technologies: .NET 3.5, WCF, IIS, Windows Services, FOP, SQL Server 2005, XML, XSLT

More than two years of cooperation and 14 completed projects delivered for and in cooperation with Sigma Kudos resulted in Sigma Software being contracted to develop an application for the Sigma Kudos innovative documentation management platform, DocFactory. The application is aimed at enhancing documentation management and viewing.

Sigma Software assigned an offsite team of four developers and a PM to develop Documentation Viewer, which is software for technical documentation management and viewing. It converts input document zip archives to HTML templates and presents the contents as a tree structure of topics (wiki-style document management). The system supports HTML/CSS, PDF, Flash movies, and all web image formats as options for the presentation of information.

The solution developed helps users to:

  • Download, convert and present to the user zipped documents in various formats: HTML/CSS, PDF, Flash movies and all web image formats
  • Preserve a large set of XML documents with technical information, grouped together as publications or zipped in portable packages and present their contents as a tree structure of topics (wiki-style document management)
  • Manage access and restrict external peers

The solution was developed for a broad target audience of specialists who work with a large amount of documentation daily. It permits users easy viewing and searching through offline and online DocFactory packages using regular PC browsers. With the help of the developed solution, every documentation can be easily packed, burned on CD and distributed to the target audience or just uploaded to a common Windows server for public use.

DocFactory Web Consumer was successfully developed and delivered to the customer.

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Systems Integration Platform
Customer: Internationally-known pharmaceutical company
Industry: Healthcare
Solution Type: Web portal
Technologies: .NET, Web Services, AJAX, SQL Server 2005


As one of the world's leading pharmaceutical brands, the customer uses a System Integration Platform built on top of the WebSphere MQ server to connect a number of corporate systems together. The platform serves as a key repository for company information providing rich functionality for storage, maintenance, collaboration and search and is used by the customer's employees in different offices.

The first two versions of the Systems Integration Platform were built by the customer’s development team, but then the customer decided to outsource the development of version 3.0. Having met all of the customer's strict security requirements, Sigma Software, together with Sigma Solutions, was involved in the development of version 3.0 of the system. Having proved themselves as efficient and reliable suppliers, Sigma Software and Sigma Solutions have since also delivered version 4.0 of the platform.


The business value of the Systems Integration Platform lies in its flexible design which allows easy system support and extension at minimal cost. The main challenge for this kind of application is to provide high performance of search operations. Due to excellent database design, the system brings the shortest response time for dynamic database applications. The platform runs a dynamic structure database and supports storage and retrieval features for data (including hyperlinks) that may currently be stored in a grid structure, e.g. a spreadsheet. The application provides comprehensive configuration interfaces for defining new entities, attributes, groups, lists and other information structures, which can be used immediately to manage data.

In order to make the platform even more convenient to use, Sigma Software usability experts analyzed the existing interfaces and suggested a number of enhancements which were implemented right away to facilitate managing data and make the process faster and easier.

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MS SharePoint-based Corporate Portal
Customer: Corporate Project Solutions
Industry: IT, Consulting
Solution Type: Web portal
Technologies: MS SharePoint  2010, .NET Framework 4.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Corporate Project Solutions (CPS) is a UK-based full-service consultancy specializing in software solutions. The customer chose Sigma Software to execute the development of a new corporate web portal that would strengthen the company’s presence on the Web, attract more prospects and act as an efficient marketing tool.


Sigma Software had to produce development, testing and go-live support of the customer’s website based upon the wireframes developed by the design studio. In order to make the solution scalable and allow the solution to be transferred to future versions, it was decided to utilize a maximum of the tools and technologies available in the platform instead of undertaking additional custom development.

Another challenge was to make SharePoint work as a public website as this platform was commonly used for internal portals. This decision was based on this software robust administration component and the potential to create and edit Webparts (modules of the pages) using standard program techniques.

Project description

Sigma Software and CPS agreed to develop the portal using the Agile approach with development tasks split into several iterations and intermediate demos at the end of each. Thus, CPS got the opportunity to bring in changes to initial requirements easily, have more control over the development process and to be aware of the project status throughout the development cycle. 

The CPS web portal now enjoys intuitive navigation, the ability to book events and trainings, feedback forms and other features. 


As a result of the project a brand new CPS portal was launched ( increasing the company’s visibility and attracting more users with new prospects among them. The customer has agreed to further collaboration with Sigma Software.

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MultiRater 360
Customer: Multirater, Inc.
Industry: Consulting
Solution Type: Website
Technologies: ASP.NET, MS SQL, IIS, GDI+, JavaScript is a service firm that has provided unsurpassed high quality technical integration in the area of industrial / organizational psychology since 1997. Its M360 tool allows integration of 360 feedback surveys, customized e-mail notification sets, customized project configurations, and presentation of the surveys, as well as the user interface, in multiple languages.

Sigma Software had to implement and roll out the second version of the system based on the specification and pre-existing prototype. One of the project challenges was to support the version 1 installation that was working on the customer’s site while developing and rolling out the second version of the system. Sigma Software carefully developed and tested the data migration procedure from the first version to the next under conditions in which the data in the first version of the system changed every minute.

As a result of almost a year of work, Sigma Software rolled out the second version of the M360 system and migrated data from the large database of the first version of the tool. The M360 tool is now installed in  one of the world’s leading software corporations and is used to provide feedback on thousands of its current employees, as well as to store reports on many thousands of its past employees.

The main features of the solution are:

  • Role-Based Security. There are five user populations: focus, raters, project administrators, super administrator and feedback facilitators. The M360 tool allows for each population to have associated capabilities and limitations
  • Surveys. The system supports surveys containing questions grouped into dimensions
  • Rate Management. The M360 tool supports the entire 360-feedback process
  • Reports. The system provides an exhaustive set of reports; the user can view a list of entities, view their status or search for any entity in the system
  • User Interface. The client application runs on any operating system under any web browser since it does not use web browser or OS specific features. The User Interface is simple, intuitive and supports multiple languages. The menu is dynamically generated according to what user role the current user is in and what projects he/she has access to
  • E-mail Notifications. The system sends out e-mail notifications to the necessary people after certain events occur

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The Clinical Trial Portal
Customer: TranSenda International, LLC
Industry: Healthcare
Solution Type: Web portal
Technologies: TranSenda Business Process Manager (TBPM), Microsoft .NET, C#

TranSenda International provides modular software solutions for companies engaged in clinical trials. All TranSenda solutions are part of an integrated system — consisting of an underlying process-based platform and modular applications — called TranSenda Central®.

The Sigma Software team was involved as the integrator of a solution based on the TranSenda Business Process Manager (TBPM) platform. The purpose of the project was to develop a solution for automating the processing of the results of medicine investigation. The solution helped by replacing paper forms with the results of patient investigation.

The Clinical Trial Portal provides the ability to collect all information about patients on a single server. Thus any authorized person may analyze it immediately after it is saved into the DB. Once released, the Clinical Trial Portal was installed and is now used by 11 US institutions: Stanford University, UMD New Jersey, Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason, The Center for Rheumatology (New York), Medical University of South Carolina, Johns Hopkins University, Denver Medical Center, the University of Texas, Boston University, the University of Connecticut and Duke University.

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Interactive Content Exchange Web Portal
Customer: World Travelvision
Industry: E-commerce, Content Management & Exchange, Tourism
Solution Type: Web portal
Technologies: Microsoft .NET Framework, MS SQL Server 2000, IBuySpy portal

World Travelvision (WTV), founded in 1998, is a leader in the field of high-tech sales promotion. WTV has pioneered and perfected the design, development and distribution of Digital Brochures. WTV also produces videos, CD-ROMs, E-cards, DVDs and websites. This Hollywood, Florida-based company works with a wide variety of travel clients, including American Airlines, American Express, major international hotel chains as well as small hotels and travel suppliers. Sigma Software was assigned to deliver a Microsoft .NET-based content exchange Internet portal having the following key features:

  • The ability to create and manage content
  • A streamlined process of signing new hotels and creating digital brochures for them
  • An easy-to-use GUI for portal visitors to become partners of WTV and place WTV content on partner’s web properties
  • The ability to generate statistical data on usage of WTV content
  • WTV control of availability of their content links on partners` sites (smart links)
  • WTV control to manage distributors, hotels, digital brochures, and outside sales representatives

The project team successfully accomplished the delivery of a reliable and scalable web platform for visual content management and delivery that met the customer’s demands.

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Senior Housing Providers
Customer: IT consulting company, the USA
Industry: Senior Housing, Publishing and Marketing
Solution Type: Web portal
Technology: Microsoft .NET, MS SQL, IIS, PDF Generation, JavaScript

The customer is a US-based IT consulting company offering cost effective CRM and mobility solutions. Their solutions help companies run IT projects more effectively, save time and money, free up critical resources, and deliver projects in time. Sigma Software was commissioned by the customer to provide an online solution for senior housing providers' staff that would concern and simplify most of the daily activities of the community directors.

One of the crucial issues was that the product had to be very easy-to-use since the product users are usually not sophisticated computer users. Sigma Software managed to strike ar good balance between the complexity of the product and its ease of use. The product allows its users to produce colorful and non-trivial newsletters, track leads, residents and events, generate reports, print and send letters to senior's families, and much more.

As a result of almost a year of work, the Sigma Software team delivered an easy-to-use system which is highly appreciated by its users.

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Mobile Video Broadcasting System
Customer: US software development company
Industry: IT
Solution type: Web portal
Technologies: С++, Microsoft .NET, WinCE, DirectX, Web Services, Distributed, COM, SOA, MS SQL Server 2005, AJAX, Video Conversion, Multimedia Conversion

The customer is a US-based video advertising solutions company that uniquely provides monetizing solutions for targeted prospects. Sigma Software`s task was to deliver a flexible solution which would allow the sharing of mobile video via the Internet.

The Sigma Software team successfully developed a solution which included:

  • A social networking site for live video publishing which enables users to share video with friends
  • A scalable server application for video streaming which is a soft real time system based on a stable and flexible video frame-dropping algorithm. The live media stream reception mechanism guarantees seamless receiving of incoming data in real time even in an overloaded state
  • A mobile client application for capturing and broadcasting video over a wireless data network which enables live video capturing (record, stop), playback (play, pause, cancel) and sending video for publishing

Sigma Software specialists not only developed the applications, but also provided the customer with suggestions on how the performance of the client application, which was limited due to the performance restrictions of mobile devices, could be improved.

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Offshore Dedicated Center for Boss Media AB
Customer: GTECH G2
Industry: Online gaming
Solution type: Online games
Technologies: ActionScript 2.0, XML, C++, TCP/IP, Win API, DirectX, C#, Microsoft .NET, MS SQL, Sybase

Boss Media (now a part of GTECH G2) is a leading developer of innovative software and systems for digitally distributed gaming entertainment.

Sigma Software's first assignment was to develop an online Flash game client application within a very limited time frame. We developed a Flash Poker game client from scratch in just seven months. It has now been installed for a number of Boss Media clients and our team is constantly working on new releases. Starting with the Flash Poker, the project Sigma Software Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT), in cooperation with Sigma Kudos Sweden, became a highly reliable resource extension for the customer, providing its services to the customer's projects since 2006.

A team of 15+ specialists currently works on several of the customer’s projects on the premises of Sigma Software, carrying out support & maintenance, development, graphic design and testing:

  • The Poker team developed a Flash Poker game client from scratch in seven months and constantly works on new releases. The solution is designed for online gaming operators and can be customized for each client.
  • The Casino team develops desktop casino games (roulette, video poker, black-jack, etc.). Users can download and install the casino client application and play games in two modes: just for practice or for real money. Desktop casino is a client-server product which is customized for each specific gaming operator. Customized casino software components are normally installed on customers' servers, so the gaming operator purchases the complete casino gaming solution.
  • The back office application development team develops and integrates applications that allow gaming operators to monitor and administer gaming, support affiliate campaigns and build various reports (player and game statistics, money transfers, promotion campaign results tracking, etc.). The team performs integration tasks onsite.

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