• 10+ professionals with deep knowledge of PHP technologies;
  • 3+ years of expertise in delivering PHP-based solutions;
  • Extensive experience combined with solid knowledge of PHP platforms, frameworks and technologies;
  • 40,000+ man-hours of effective experience in the last three years;
  • References are available upon request.

Although this is a relatively new competence of our company, during the last few years Sigma Software has successfully developed an impressive number of different kinds of projects for a wide range of areas such as Government, Culture, Enterprise, Advertisement and Gaming. Using such platforms as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and Magento we develop high-quality cost-effective solutions, that meet our clients' needs. Some of the areas we have extensive experience in include:

  • E-commerce;
  • Enterprise web applications;
  • Entertainment web portals;
  • Social networks.

PHP solutions are obviously becoming more and more popular. Demand for such solutions is growing steadily thanks to their efficiency and cost effectiveness, so Sigma Software continually and intensively expands its PHP competence.

Selected Projects

World Match Racing Tour web portal
Customer: World Match Racing Tour (WMRT)
Industry: Business, PR, Sport
Solution Type: Web portal (
Technologies: Joomla 1.7, PHP, JavaScript

Our customer decided to enhance its web portal just before the start of match race competitions (two  short distance boat races). The aim was to provide information about the company and its events as well as to create an information-sharing platform for everyone interested in match racing. The customer already had a user database, news and image archive, and it was a challenge to migrate the existing data to the new system. In addition, the project had to be completed within a very limited timespan. World Match Racing Tour selected Sigma AB and Sigma Software as suppliers because of our proven quality of service, high level of commitment and reliability.

In order to reduce the time-to-market, the project was divided into several stages. First, a simple version of the portal containing the most vital features was launched. The stages that followed were aimed at further development of the portal, including the introduction of an intranet, a fully-functional press center, integration with the sales management system, etc. 

A robust portal with up-to-date information about WMRT races and rich content, including photos, videos, and online broadcasting was successfully created. It allows for statistics tracking, submitting race results and quick upload of recent photos taken by photographers. The new WMRT portal increased the company’s visibility and attracted even more visitors both to the portal and to WMRT events. 

Sigma Software is currently involved in various activities connected with this project, including support and maintenance, development of new features, and gathering and processing of requirements for further iterations.

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